Security Compliance via CVE

Hi Everyone,

Love what is happening here, but I am curious what the on-going CVE notifications are going to look like. While I can probably figure out a way to download and parse the errata it currently doesn’t look like it will provide me with what new/hasn’t been patched CVEs have come out.

Is there a current “preferred” method for this that I can use to show security conscious people that this is the correct distro to move to before CentOS goes EOL at end of year?

I thought that CentOS has no notifications? You just run ‘update’ regularly.
If baseline has been “nothing” and that has been sufficient, …

Is data in this correct? EL8 Distro Comparison | AlmaLinux Wiki

Hi all,

Rocky Linux offers errata for updates which are built as soon as they are available upstream. The errata information can be found at All features such as dnf update --security, dnf updateinfo --security, and others relating to advisories, CVEs, and other Errata-specific flags and features for DNF should work.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this! I’m going to open a PR for that Almalinux page to fix up the comparison, as we do in fact have the errata information… and we should probably make a dedicated post about it and how to use it!