Runit init-daemon

hi all,
I’m a devops and i’m new here :stuck_out_tongue:
rocky is really a great project! I’ve tested it and works great (as expected)!
currently we (me and my team) are focusing on runit as init system for our projects. It’s just a choice of our company not to deal with systemd, the main reason it’s bc they found easier working with runit and scripts.
Sice this community is not a member of red-hat corporation (where systemd was devloped). I’m just wondering if there is already a plan for alternative init system.
if not, I’m wondering how can I archive such a change… I see often many dependencies of systemd in the rpm packages.



Rocky is a 1:1 replacement of Centos 8, which uses systemd. So runit will not be adopted by Rocky.

If its installable on centos 8, it should be work with rocky.

Thanks Tom.