Rockylinux:8.4 not in official RockyLinux Docker Images Tag list

Hello Team,
I observed that rockylinux:8.4 is not part of the official RockyLinux Docker Images Tag list - I am able to get it from - Docker Hub . However, would like to confirm if rockylinux:8.4 is not an official image tag.
Also, Example in Dockerhub description section still points to use docker pull rockylinux:8.4. This does not work and fails with the below error

[root@test test]# docker pull rockylinux:8.4
Error response from daemon: manifest for rockylinux:8.4 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

As said in another topic:

You can see from details that the three existing tags {‘latest’, ‘8’, ‘8.5’} are for same image.
Furthermore, the image has been generated after the Log4j vulnerability was fixed.
If the earlier ‘8.4’ image was not removed already when 8.5 was available, then surely was at the time current latest was made as it had known, severe vulnarability.

The example in description could probably be updated (about every six months).