RockyLinux 8.10 security updates

Hi there,

RockyLinux 8.10 will be available next may and will be the first “Maintenance Mode” release, so I understand that for 5 years RockyLinux 8.10 will continue to be in sync with upstream RHEL 8.10 sources and thus will only receive security updates and critical bug fixes.

Can someone confirm what I understand after reading the releases policies of rockylinux and redhat ?


Yep, that’s correct. Following suit from the upstream RHEL 8.10, this will be the last minor release but continue with updates for 5 more years (until 2029).

Should be noted that barring some extraordinary circumstance, no new ISO files or boot images will be produced during this time. My understanding is the Docker/OCI images will continue to receive regular updates, as they always have. But official boot media production will effectively end after 8.10’s release.

Thanks that’s clear for me now and sorry if this question had already been asked a zillion times before :slight_smile:

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