Rocky Linux recommended sound card?

Hello !

I’m running Rocky linux on DELL 7920 workstations, and they do not include any sound chip.
We would like to add a basic sound card providing line jack output.
Any model to recommend ?

Thank you, a nice day to all !

Hi @kraag and welcome to the forum.

No specific recommendation here. May I however check back on some details?
AFAIK, the 7920 has integrated Realtek HDA and 3.5mm line-in + line-out.
Are you sure there are NO audio jacks on it? Front/Rear?

If there are, it could be that onboard audio was disabled in the BIOS.
Or, the sound chip isn’t supported by Linux/ALSA (I doubt that to be the case though)

Or, are we talking about a 7920 RACK workstation?
In that case, yep, there’s probably no sound at all.

If it doesn’t have to be a “card” in the way that it is plugged into some slot inside the workstation, cheap USB sound cards will probably do too. There’s a lot of them around which feature 3.5mm jacks. Also, they work on basically every USB plug while internal cards may require to match a specific slot type to fit into the workstation’s mainboard.

Whatever you go for in the end:
Make sure to double-check whether the device is supported by Linux, the Linux kernel you are using and especially with regards to “REV” numbers of the hardware which make a huge impact to supportability but are rarely stated on webshop sites or the packaging. Usually, the REV number is visible from the PCB only (printed on the soundcard board). At least, check if you can return and refund the device in case it isn’t supported.

Personally, I’m happy with the integrated sound chip on my Dell 7010. This is, IIRC, an Intel HDA something and supported out of the box with any recent Linux kernel.

Hope this helps, cheers, Thomas

Thanks for this detailed reply Thomas : ).
I effectively typed too fast, we are using 7920 rack stations.
Let’s try a classic external usb sound card and post the result here.

A nice day to all !

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Do you mean “Dell : Precision 7920 Rack Workstation”. Can you explain it’s intended use? I had a quick look but didn’t understand what it’s supposed to do. I was a bit put off by “Intel” and “NVidia” and the o/s choices, doesn’t look as open as it should be, and if it’s a workstation, why no sounds card?

It is a 2U rack 7920 used for color grading application from Filmlight company.
Fairly high end config with lots of cpu, ram, gpu.
It has not been planned to use sound on it but this need just appeared. Of of course rack version do not have any sound module or jack in/out plug.

Yes, but surely they provide pci expansion slots? One thing to look out for, being high end, is not confusing a consumer sound card with a professional one, e.g. if you were building a “Digital Audio Workstation” (DAW).

Hello !

We bought a Ugreen usb sound module, advertised as ‘‘Linux compatible’’ and it works ( !
No driver to install, this output is now selectable in system audio outputs as default output.
However the sound is pretty strangely equalized, would anyone recommend an equalizer software running on Rocky 8.5 ?

A nice day to all !