"Rocky Linux" or RockyLinux?

Hi, I’m Guillaume from Paris

“Horror vacui” (nature abhors a vacuum), and specifically computers hate spaces.
It’s certainly too late, but I think it would be simpler to name the distro “RockyLinux” in one word , because programmers will have to replace the space.
I already seen different choices, and I’m affraid it would lead to the mess soon :

  • github : rocky-linux (sadly rockylinux is already taken)
  • docker image/forum/website, mattemost… : rockylinux
  • twitch /twitter: rocky_linux

You can see, there is no such thing as “Rocky Linux” in the computer’s world!

Did you consider The Linux Mark - Linux Foundation?

If you plan to market a Linux-based product or service to the public using
a trademark that includes the element “Linux,” such as “Super Dooper
Linux OS” or “Real Time Linux Consultants” you are required to
apply for and obtain a sublicense from the Linux Foundation. This is true
whether or not you apply to register your trademark with a government.

When you are using the Linux mark pursuant to a sublicense, it should
never be used as a verb or noun. It should be used only as an adjective
followed by the generic name/noun. In other words, “Super Dooper Linux
OS” is okay, but “Super Dooper Linux” isn’t.

I don’t know if you had contact with the linux foundation. If not
RockyOS is the better way to go :slight_smile:


We’ve actually already gotten the license from the Linux Foundation to use “Linux” in our title! See the latest Community Update for more on that :slight_smile:


The push is actually to suggest licensing if you use the word Linux. Then if you do use Linux do not have it be a verb or noun. Hence if you license then “Rocky Linux OS” would be what is suggested as the name.

However if you meant to avoid Linux sub license entirely, then yes “Rocky OS” would suffice, but be less descriptive. It’s more common to use Linux in the name than to not. However many (most?) projects completely ignore the suggestion and use Linux as a noun or verb anyway.

Well the folks over at almalinux has no space so it’s doable but I am kinda on the fence betwix RockyOS and RockyLinux but I do agree the space is gonna be a potential source of headache down the line.

EDIT: Apologies for the necro didn’t notice the date.