Rocky 8.6 - Qt Libraries issues


There are problems with the work of Qt libraries, incorrect work of two programs was noted:
QtCreator completely freezes when trying to build a project, you have to completely restart the program to resume work.
QProcess does not work correctly: the GUI freezes completely in programs using this class, for example, the Cine Encoder program freezes after this line:

On other distributions, in particular Centos 7 & 8, these problems were not noticed.

What could be the way to move forward on this issue?

The issue may not have been seen on CentOS 8 prior as they were older qt5 versions. If you believe this is a bug with qt5 in Enterprise Linux 8 in general, you may want to open a bug report to

If related to this bug then only introduced in RHEL 8.6 and already fixed in Centos 8 Stream so should be fixed in RHEL/RL 8.7

It could be related, because if it’s looking for the file descriptor of the process in the wrong place, it won’t find it.

It’s normal to freeze the UI, but it’s usually for a split second while it locates the process id.

You could try waiting 30 seconds to see if it unfreezes, just to confirm the timeout feature is working.

This could be one of those times where Rocky really is “bug for bug” compatible with RHEL!

wsjtx-2.2.2 is another Qt5 application that freezes on startup under the 4.18.0-372.9.1 kernel, works normally after booting with 8.5’s last kernel (4.18.0-348.23.1).

[Bug 2082719] seems to affect more than just sddm and the kde screenlocker…