RL wake/power up reason? (fixed)

Hi All,

I have noticed my RL host is booting/powering up by its own constantly at random times. This has never happened before.

Can you please advice on how to do some root cause analysis of what caused host to wake up?
I have checked journalctl or /var/log/messages for ‘wake’ or ‘power’ but nothing that brought my attention there.

Is there a way to find out if host was woke by Wake-on-Lan message?
EDIT: Wake-on-LAN is disabled in BIOS, yet RL boots up from power off.

EDIT2/Solved: Despite the fact Wake-on-LAN was disabled in BIOS machine must have been woken up by WoL message. Modifying eth connection with nmcli conn mod <conn_name> 802-3-ethernet.wake-on-lan ignore fixed the problem. Apparently one of other clients on the network started to generate these WoL messages which caused RL host to power up at random times.