Recover update procedure after deleting running kernel

A friend running rocky linux 8.4 was updating for the first time to get to 8.6. The dnf update failed on the kernel update due to the /boot partition being too small. To try to recover and to create space, they deleted the running kernel image file, instead of the older backup kernel. After reboot into the rescue kernel, they are not sure what is the best way to recover. I am extremely rusty on Centos or Rocky Linux (it’s been years and I last used Centos 5). I know they can boot the machine into a rescue kernel and chroot, but what would be the correct way to restart the dnf update procedure to finish the kernel install and updating of the system?

Would something like:

chroot /mnt/sysimage
dnf update

start with checking and finishing the kernel installation that failed? Thanks for your help!

I would start up the recovery from the DVD or boot image. It should give you the option to enter the found installation and it will place you into a chroot right away if it finds it (usually option 1). You then should be able to run dnf update (assuming there is network connectivity).

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