Recordmydesktop for Rocky 9?

Is ‘recordmydesktop’ available for Rocky 9? I’m moving a bunch of users over from CentOS 7 to Rocky 9, and a lot of them are using recordmydesktop, from the EPEL repositories. It doesn’t appear to be available in a Rocky 9 version. Does anyone know if recordmydesktop is going to be available for Rocky 9, or if there is a different equivalent program that does the same thing?

Hi @paulg,
It seems there suppose to be a version of simplescreenrecorder, an alternative tool for desktop session recording in rpmfusion repository, but it has not been migrated to rocky9, yet. I’ve tried testing the rocky8 version on my rocky9 cinnamon desktop and it works for me, but i’d still check if I were you.

If running X windows desktop, you can use gstreamer with ‘ximagesrc’, but it won’t work with Wayland.

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