Recommended Wifi adapters for Rocky?

Recently submitted a post regarding wifi adapter setup that didn’t seem to get much traction:

Problems with driver (RTL8812BU-AC1200M) installation for Wifi USB (Techkey 1200 Mbps) setup

Learning how to install a spotty driver has been less than successful.While I would like to continue focusing on resolving this issue, it is hampering other activities (like studying Python).
As such - does anyone have recommendations for wi-fi adapters that are Rocky friendly? Preferably for
these 802.11 versions:
ac ,
n, or g?

I’ve no preference between USB or card - so either works…

I’m in the same boat. I’ve wasted so much time over the years trying to get various semi-compatible wifi hardware to work.

My only recommendation is to go with Intel NICs. The drivers are in the kernel, and for the most part it’ll work great.

Here’s a list of Intel wifi adapters with Linux support:

Then filter for Intel wifi adapters on your local computer store of choice, and find an adapter from the supported list.

For example, at time of writing, my local store is carrying an AX210 M.2 module that meets your requirements:

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