Reboot issue in VMWare Workstation 17


Could you assist me to solve an issue?

I\m using Rocky Linux 9.2 istalled in VMWare Workstation 17. When I try to reboot system using command systemctl isolate I get an error:

But when I try to reboot system with reboot command it works fine

Could you help me to understand why I can’t reboot system with systemctl isolate?

Thank’s a lot in advance!

You’ve not provided enough information such as screenshots that detail the error you are receiving.

Below is configuration file of network interface

I believe the correct command for systemctl to reboot is:

systemctl reboot

in fact I just did this on two of my Rocky machines, both 8 and 9. As for isolate command, I believe you normally use that to change between different runlevels, like you used to use runlevel 3 or runlevel 5 to go from console to graphical. Using the commands to list targets:

[root@rocky8 ~]# systemctl --type=target
UNIT                  LOAD   ACTIVE SUB    DESCRIPTION                                            loaded active active Basic System                                      loaded active active Local Encrypted Volumes                                loaded active active Login Prompts                                   loaded active active Local File Systems (Pre)                            loaded active active Local File Systems                                loaded active active Multi-User System                             loaded active active Network is Online                                loaded active active Network (Pre)                                        loaded active active Network                                                loaded active active Paths                                              loaded active active Remote File Systems                                   loaded active active Slices                                               loaded active active Sockets                                          loaded active active                                      loaded active active Swap                                                 loaded active active System Initialization                                 loaded active active Timers   

doesn’t show, although that can be found on the system. It could well be that isn’t supposed to be used in that way, and is why it doesn’t work. To be honest, it’s easier and quicker to just type reboot, or even shutdown -r now. Even systemctl reboot is shorter than using the isolate command.

A snippet from the systemctl man page, under “isolate UNIT” (emphasis added):

This command is dangerous, since it will immediately stop processes that are not enabled in the new target, possibly including the graphical environment or terminal you are currently using.

This sounds exactly like what you’re observing after using it to reboot the system.

I’ve no idea why you would not simply run the reboot command instead, especially as you’ve confirmed that it does, indeed, work in comparison? Is there something specific you are trying to accomplish via a script etc. ?

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Many thanks to all for answers. My question is no more than curiosity. In Debian this command works fine, so I was intrested why behaviour differs in Rocky Linux.

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Thanks again!

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