Realtek RTL8188FTV WiFi adapter on Rocky Linux 9.3 Desktop

I’ve several Realtek RTL8188FTV WiFi adapters for my computers and on Debian/ Ubuntu/ MX works perfectly fine, even on Fedora 39 and Void Linux. But I can’t use these WiFi adapters on Rocky Linux 9.3 XFCE desktop edition. Any way to make it usable under Rocky Linux or else any driver solution for this issue? Thanks in advanced.

I suggest you test-install elrepo’s kernel-ml.

Thanks man, I’ll try this ASAP and will let all know the final result.

Similar problem with Realtek RTL_SDR, 0bda:2838. Kernel ignores udev rules,
creates a “rtlsdr” group, assigns it to that with mode 0660.

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