PXE booting 9.3 results in "X was unable to start on your machine"

Attempting to get 9.2 working within PXE in VirtualBox and the install fails with:
“X or window manager startup failed, falling back to text mode
X was unable to start on your machine. Would you like to start VNC to connect to this computer from another computer and perform a graphical installation or continue with a text mode installation?”

While I can use the text mode to complete the installation… I would like to avoid this error- has anyone else encountered this and managed to get past this error?

A computer contains GPU and the OS has drivers to use that piece of hardware to generate data for display. Hypervisor, such as VirtualBox, presents a “virtual” computer for VM guest that includes “virtual GPU”.

Sounds like your VirtualBox offers a “GPU” that the Rocky does not have proper drivers for. Does VirtualBox offer alternative GPU models that it can emulate?

The VNC should be an option too. You clearly have a “second computer” (the host that runs the VirtualBox). If you let the installer to start the VNC server, then you can run VNC client in the “other computer” and get the GUI there.

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