Put password on my wifi connection

Hi, i installed my broadcom driver for wifi and i can read my connection the issue i’m unable to put the password clicking on my wifi connection, how i can do that? thanks in advance

What happens (exactly) when you click on your wireless networking icon?

thats its the fact nothing happens when i click on the network icon

nmcli dev wifi

Run as the root user to get a complete listing.

when i use the command i have the wifi list avaiable, ialso with graphical interface i could see the wifi list, i can put the password from terminal?

nmcli dev wifi connect network-ssid password “network-password”

doesn’t work, in terminal tell me this: wpa_supplicant does not support WEP encryption.
really strange in fedora i didn’t have any issue with wifi

dnf reinstall NetworkManager-wifi libnl3 openssl-libs wpa_supplicant


Change AP encryption !!!
“It was deprecated in 2004 and is documented in the current standard”


after i install this, i need to run the command to put the password as before right?

i did that command but not solved sadly

You need to change the encryption type on your wireless access point/router, WEP has been busted wide open for ages.

You want the highest security your device supports, probably WPA2.

ok, so its not a graphical bug the fact i can’t put the password when i click on wifi, make sense, thanks guys first try to rocky linux i used fedora before, i’ll try that

seems the issue its not my router because on windows i 'm connected to wpa, also inf fedora i can connect only on WEP, i don’t undertand why