PPPOE on Rocky Linux 8.4 server

I have an RL 8.4 fresh installed server and I want to setup PPPOE client to be able to connect my ISP. This is the how looks my connection:
ISP (fiber to the home) —> Media converter ----> My server (WAN nic) -----> LAN ----> others devices
Could someone help me to setup the PPPOE client?
Many thanks.


Did not have the chance to try it out on rocky yet, but on rhel this is how I set up pppoe:
Install networkmanager-ppp, and it will install ppp as well:
dnf install NetworkManager-ppp

This will install ppp as a dependency if it’s not yet installed.

After this you can setup pppoe with nmtui, but there was a bug and I’m not sure if it was mitigated since then so you had to manually set the parent interface for you ppp connection or won’t work:

nmcli> set connection.interface-name name_of_pppoe
nmcli> set pppoe.parent enp3s0
nmcli> save
Connection ‘name_of_pppoe’ (fa8a0204-9283-4ab3-9c06-a1d58e0aa6f9) successfully updated.
nmcli> [root@betc ~]# nmcli con
enp2s0 0b7c7cec-b90c-4a9a-adac-de5d0a976c11 ethernet enp2s0
name_of_pppoe fa8a0204-9283-4ab3-9c06-a1d58e0aa6f9 pppoe –
enp3s0 48e62df7-8fc7-4c6a-8bb7-e5638eb760f8 ethernet –

[root@betc ~]# nmcli con up name_of_pppoe

Then you should see another connection up that will have your ISP-s IP on it.
You should be able to reach the internet from your rocky box, NAT is a whole other story if you want to share your internet connection and make your rocky a router.