Please teach me What should I investigate if RockyLinux crashes?


Please tell me what you wrote in the title.

We migrated our system from CentOS to RockyLinux8.4.
However, one day after the start of operation, the server hangs up.

“Hang up” means that ssh connection is not possible with teraterm, etc.

I don’t know the cause because the CPU usage rate and memory usage of the server were not particularly heavy.

Here is the log just before the server became unresponsive.

Aug 17 18:51:10 - systemd[1]: user@503.service: Succeeded.
Aug 17 18:51:10 - systemd[1]: Stopped User Manager for UID 503.
Aug 17 18:51:10 - systemd[1]: Stopping /run/user/503 mount wrapper…
Aug 17 18:51:10 - systemd[1]: user-runtime-dir@503.service: Succeeded.
Aug 17 18:51:10 - systemd[1]: Stopped /run/user/503 mount wrapper.
Aug 17 18:51:10 - rtkit-daemon[1185]: Warning: PolicyKit call failed: Unix process subject does not have uid set
Aug 17 18:51:18 - dbus-daemon[1177]: [system] Failed to activate service ‘org.bluez’: timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)

I don’t know much about RockyLinux so please tell me what should I check

2023 Aug 23 15:42
please ask additional questions
1.What can be the cause of “Segmentation fault” when running perf top

2.Continuous execution of perf top causes memory leak?

@torara If you are still on Rocky Linux 8.4, the very first thing I would do is do a dnf upgrade to get to Rocky Linux 8.8. Rocky Linux is supported at the current dot release level, in this case, 8.8. If you still have trouble after that, there may be some logs someone can point you to to help solve your issue.

thank you for reply.

We conducted our own investigation and identified the following known bugs as the cause:

As you said, we plan to upgrade RockyLinux.

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