OS Rocky 9.2,is not compatible with Truenas Scale 22xx on Supermicro X9dbl-IF

After installing Rocky 9.2 normally, at the time it will boot the OS.it falls on the emergency mode screen and asks for the root password.I don’t want to have to use XCP-NG, I’m enjoying Truenas.

If you are dropping into emergency mode, you will need to parse through the journal and dmesg to find where the issue is. It will require the root password you set during installation (assuming you did). When you have a shell, journalctl -xb is a good starting point as it will present catalog messages of certain errors.

Boa tarde amigos, deixei a bios padrão no supermicro x9dbl-if ( dual xeon e5-2470v2+64gb ram+chipset pci-e v3.0 asmedia-02 com 02 ssd m.2 netac 500gb ,+01 crucial mx500 250gb (truenas )+01ssd 1tb crucial backup mx500 da vm. com escala truenas 22, e instalei um rocly 9.2 vm na configuração como so=linux+ uefi+Virtl0 , então o rocky funcionou, eu estava usando ahci em vez de virtl0. obrigado