Openldap server for Rocky 9

I’m in the process of replacing my CentOS 7 openldap server with a new Rocky 9 server.

I realize that RH dropped the openldap-servers package.

I see that Rocky 9 has an openldap-servers package in the “plus” repo.

I also see that EPEL now has “openldap-epel” package for EL9 that contains just the openldap-servers rpm (as well as debug versions).

Does anyone have an opinion or any insight on which I should use?

Will Rocky be continuing to support this now that EPEL has this?

We are building the openldap-servers package and keeping it in plus as we wanted to ensure users will always have it available (same as what we did in 8 before it moved back to powertools). We provide it as an option as it wasn’t a guarantee from our point of view (at the time we were building Rocky 9) it’d be packaged in EPEL.

If a user wants to use the EPEL package, they can. If a user wants to use the plus package, they can. Each time the openldap packages are updated, our openldap-servers package is simultaneously updated.

Understood. Thanks for the quick reply.

I did face similar situation in Summer 2020, with CentOS Linux 8, and chose to try migration to the “389ds” (as back then nobody had openldap-server for el8). That was relatively easy.