Odd Software Update Via Cockpit

I use Cockpit to manage my RL9 server including software updates and I had an odd experience in this last update. There were at least 30 packages to be updated including a new kernel version. While observing the install progress the update of kernel-modules slowed to a crawl so a I cancelled the update and logged in directly to the rl9 server to resume the dnf upgrade process. It resumed the attempt to download the kernel-modules package but again the download slowed so I cancelled the process. I went away for an hour or so and then opened Cockpit again to resume the remainder of the download and install which completed but the reboot and selection of new kernel version failed to boot. I was able to fix this by reinstalling all of the latest kernel-version packages. What I observed in the cockpit software management page was that most of the 30 packages were already installed including some kernel packages while some dependent kernel packages were not.
What I found odd is that the package install process via Cockpit began before all of the listed packages were downloaded. This doesn’t happen when dnf upgrade is invoked manually at the terminal and for the obvious reason of a stalled download of a dependent package. Why does Cockpit circumvent this best practice?