No replay from CIQ asking for support for about 200 VM

I don’t know where to write else, as we don’t get any reaktion from CIQ, whome we ask for Enterprise support. The 3rd mail I wrote today, please see below. Is there any trick to get and offer for enterprise support as a company?

Dear CIQ Support,

We (http://www.xxxxx.xx) are looking ahead for an alternative OS after CentOS 7 for about 2000 VMs based on VMwares ESX. However, a key requirement for this is Enterprise Support for this OS. On Rocky Linux webpage, we found a link to your side, saying that you could give fit into this requirement.

Unfortunately, we have not get any answer from you even we tried to contact you already two times, within the last couple weeks. We begin to ask our self if Rocky Linux would be a really a good choice in the sense of support, if we get not even an answer from you regarding our request for a professional care plan.

Are you having no interest of making business with us?

We understand, that there you may be very busy those days, getting tones of request from hundreds, possibly thousands of companies with the same request, however we would expect at least an answer saying that you are busy, coming back late to us.

With that being said, we still would like to get and offer in costs and service from you for enterprise Support, regarding Rocky Linux for about 2000 VMs. We are also open for a phone call. You can reach me under +xx xxxx xxxxx x in the times between 9AM and 6PM CET

Please note that this mail went out with CC to Rock Linux.


Maybe you could try contacting their sales team. They might help push your request.

Being ignored by an outfit that’s trying to sell technical support when you’re trying to give them money would make me reconsider whether I really wanted to give them money.