New kernel booting to grub prompt

I’m having an intermittent issue with doing updates to the most recent Rocky 9.3 kernel.
The kernel version before the update is kernel 5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3.x86_64. The update to the kernel is 5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3.0.1.x86_64.
After doing the updates, but before rebooting, I do a listing in /boot, and I see the corresponding versions of config, initramfs, symvers,, and vmlinuz but the vmlinuz file for vmlinuz-5.14.0-362.18.1.el9_3.0.1.x86_64 is missing.
The other files - config, initramfs, sysmvers, and for el9_3.0.1.x86_64 are there, but no vmlinuz.
If you reboot after the update, it goes straight to a grub prompt - there is no option to boot to a previous kernel.
This doesn’t happen to every PC that gets the kernel updates; nothing in particular stands out that makes the failed PCs any different than the others. But it has happened 3 times now, and, unfortunately, it happened to PCs in a remote office, and I don’t have the option to sit down at the console and figure it out from a grub prompt.
Any ideas what is causing the failures in the first place?

No, just a curiosity in how to solve.

Are all the RL9 installs using the default partition layouts and file systems?
Are there any special kernel parameters that are configured in /etc/default/grub?
Did you select a restrictive security setting on first install?
What tool do you use to maintain the subject machines, cockpit or other?

Below is a link to a post where I took a deeper look at the kernel install process. It is not going to answer why in your case but it is useful in the event you want to restore a particular kernel entry.
Regenerate BLS entry