[MySQL] Outdated version on AppStream

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I would like to know if it’s a will to keep mysql 8.0.30 in AppStream repository, as the 8.0.33 is out since the March 17th (and December for 8.0.32) ?

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OS upstream do provide support until Apr 2026.

Hi @remipo

For Rocky Linux the same policy as for RHEL applies, which is called backporting,

The only thing to note is that some of the versions are supported longer than others, how long you can find on this page:

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I’m not asking about the global support but for the AppStream Repository (Index of /pub/rocky/8/AppStream/x86_64/os/)

As you can see, the last Mysql Version available here is 8.030, and this version contains bug that could drive to production crash (https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=109542).

I’m aware of backporting regarding CVE but i think that this does not concern bugged application version (last Mysql published version on AppStream was the October 25th)

Anyway, if i well understood @lumarel answer, this means that RockyLinux synchronize it (AppStream) from RHEL repository ?

I’m now using official Mysql repository on servers but i wanted to know if this subject was related to RockyLinux management, and it seems that not.

Thanks again for your answers. You rock :muscle:

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Rocky Linux tries to be bug for bug compatible to RHEL, this means nearly all repos are exactly like the RHEL repos.

Make sure you notice the difference between the AppStream Repo, and Application Streams, which are accessable via dnf module ...

Just to rephrase it - MYSQL8 has support until Apr 2026. If there are bugs, they will be addressed. BTW, do not get the version number to static. In this context of a support by the OS provider the versioning gets a different meaning because of the above mentioned backports!

As the bug has been reported and patched in 8.0.33, i think RedHat is late in patch integration.

I’ve not switch to a static version but on the mysql-community repository which is more updated.

Again, thanks for your quick answers.

Have a great day.

As i get the needed reply, this thread can be close.

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