Multiple Servers - Management

I have 25 servers in place now in a commercial environment - what is everyone using ( or suggesting) to manage these? Ie - user creation , policy sync etc etc.

It was easy with just a couple, but too much time being used up in day to day administration.

I may have the tools already - just under utilised. Webmin is on every server as is Let’s encrypt.

I do use Ansible. The Rocky 8.6 has that tool as ansible-core package and RHEL’s documentation describes how the Ansible roles that are also in repo can be used to maintain config.


I will look into Ansibke while on leave. Thank you

I’ve used both Ansible and Chef to great affect in managing systems. I’ve found, for me, that Ansible works very well for smaller installations, but roles/environments in large deployments are easier to manage and reason about in Chef.

FreeIPA as IDM with Host Based Access (HBA) enabled