Missing update-initramfs on RL 8.9

Why is update-initramfs missing in 8.9? I can’t find it anywhere, cannot install it.

~# cat /etc/os-release | head -2
NAME=“Rocky Linux”
VERSION=“8.9 (Green Obsidian)”


bash: update-initramfs: command not found…

update-initramfs is a debian/ubuntu thing from an “initramfs-tools” package. It is simply a wrapper.

To rebuild your initramfs of the current running kernel:

# take a backup
% cp /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r)-$(date +%m-%d-%H%M%S).img
# regenerate
% dracut -f /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)
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Understood, makes sense. I did that.