Missing 9.4 container

Checking the posted links for containers find they still have 9.3 updates.
Even the latest posts from a day ago(5/30) with

still show 9.3

Where does one find these “posted links”?

They are posted on the download page:

The container 9.4 download link is this one:
pointing to a new hash but that hash is the latest 9.3 tag update.

That’s interesting, I thought the links on the official Rocky download page would be on the Rocky infrastructure, but that link poins to ‘hub.docker.com’.

The download page points to hub.docker.com.
Most container images are not hosted by those who build it.

Still, I haven’t gotten an official answer as to why the download page had
images that say on the link 9.4 but the actual image is still an 9.3 image.

Something is broken here.

Do you have any idea when the actual 9.4 OCI image will get posted?