Memory leak : rocky linux 9.4 + dotnet 6.0.129

I updated my server 3 hours before. But I got my WCS program a memory leak issue…

Before system was updated to 9.4, my WCS prg run under 900MB~1.6GB 0f 32GB. But this afternoon it went up 9.6GB even if nothing was done. It contained abount 174 threads before update and 145 after updated. Any one can tell me how can I do? Please,

I found my wcs prg extended to 9.1GB RAM. But It didn’t went up any more. I installed dotnet-dump, counters, and trace. I found Gen 0 Size went up to 4GB+. I changed System.GC.Server to false, It worked under about 250MB. Ho…, Any way, 9.1GB of 32GB can be acceptable. But it shocked me!!!