Mate Panel update/fix (stenstorp/MATE repo)

For anyone who uses Mate from stenstorp/MATE Copr

mate-panel version 1.26 depends on GTK 3.24 for “add to panel - custom application” function only.

EL8 only has GTK 3.22.

mate-panel has now been downgraded back to version 1.24 and this issue is resolved.

So what are the steps for those of us who already have 1.26 installed to downgrade to 1.24?
Is it as simple as “dnf downgrade group mate”?

I’d try dnf downgrade mate-panel, if that is the only affected package.

Even simpler. “dnf upgrade”

The maintainer used a rpm epoch to make the downgraded mate-panel look “newer” so there’s nothing special that needs to be done at all.

I saw mate-panel in the queue for update along with a few other security updates.

I tried both solutions in this thread but neither worked. I can add some items to the panel in MATE but not all. When trying to downgrade mate-panel I get this error:

Package mate-panel of lowest version already installed, cannot downgrade it.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

Is there any other solution to this? Thanks.

rpm -q mate-panel

should say:


If it doesn’t:

dnf repolist enabled

should include: Copr repo for MATE owned by stenstorp

Now do:

dnf upgrade

That should fetch the version of mate-panel that you actually want at this time.

After updating:

killall mate-panel

to activate the updated panel. (Or just log out and log in again, either way works.)

Note that you should be able to add items to the panel even using the “bad” mate-panel version. It’s only adding “custom applications” that causes it to crash.

Version 1.24 allows you to add and edit custom applications.

After the update of mate-panel it is now incompatible with the cpufreq app.
I don’t log in to the GUI very often since this is a file server, instead most admin is done via ssh or cockpit.

I tried Frank Cox’s suggestions. Same error when trying to add certain items to Panel. Why some items can be added to the Panel while others can’t is a mystery. Perhaps Steven Spencer or someone else who is familiar with installing MATE on Rocky at this page (MATE Desktop - Documentation) would have a solution to this?