Log Server for collecting Forty Gate logs

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First of all my apologies for posting this query which is not really related to above category but If someone out there could assist / advise me i would really grateful

I would like to collect logs of my fortygate 150D firewall on my my Rocky Linux Linux Server

Anyone aware of any opensource software which can help me collect the logs and read them

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Easiest way is configure syslog on the Fortigate to send it to the Rocky Server, configuring syslog on Rocky to output to a file for those particular received logs. There’s plenty of google results on how to do that.

If you want something more graphical, then you can use Graylog Server and configure Fortigate to send to that. Then in the Graylog Web Interface you can search the logs and do some graphical dashboards from it. Graylog forums would be a good place to search for assistance with that, it is possible because I use it, but again the info for how to do that can be found easy enough with a quick google.

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Thanks a lot for ue immediate response
really apprecite God Bless

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