Kickstart destination as local dir?

Is there kickstart support for setting the install target to a local directory rather than device? For example could you use the kickstart %pre or a dracut pre-pivot hook in a custom initramfs to mount an empty remote nfs share, then have the install write into that rather than onto filesystems on partitions on local devices? Failing that, is there a way to trick anaconda+kickstart to install into what it thinks is already partitioned and set up local filesystems but in reality is network-remote?

Scenario: I have a pxe+nfsroot cluster whose system images are built and served by an x86_64 box. There are several Customer needs, restrictions, and requirements I can’t discuss, but are:

  • system images need to be chroot’able on the node building them
  • type 2 hypervisors are not allowed
  • a RHEL-derived bundle is required
  • qemu is not available

Into this working x86_64 environment I want to add aarch64 physical systems. Typical thing is to just boot one with local storage via boot-install media and pxe, install locally, and use that to build the now-chrootable-without-emulation aarch64 system images. Do that on a share from the original server and you have the first aarch64 production image, which in turn can be used to build the next generation, etc.

This is pretty much the vanilla staple of homogeneous Linux supercomputing, pxe+nfsroot style. I’m wondering if there’s a way to, in effect, cut out the middleman that is the local storage required for that first install. I’d really not like to reinvent major wheels here, the stock kickstart and anaconda work great and are super stable and reliable; IMO anything replacing them would be way out of scope.