Kernel panic on boot from install media

I’m trying to upgrade a machine from Centos 6 to Rocky using the minimal ISO burned to a USB stick. I can get to the GRUB menu, but the kernel panic with the message shown on the screengrab.

The vendor ID decodes to an Intel i350 gigabit network adaptor which works just fine using the last kernel update for Centos 6 (kernel version 2.6.32 with the igb driver). I’ve tried various standard hacks (booting in legacy mode, different USB keys, etc), but nothing seems to get me past this point.

Any suggestions? I’m happy to send any relevant diagnostic information. Probably the most relevant machine information is that the main logic board is from SuperMicro and it has an LSI MegaRAID controller, but that’s about the only exotic feature it has.



I suggest backing you settings and data and doing a clean install of rocky and restore your settings and data. There is no recommend (or if at all) upgrade path from centos 6 to rocky; or centos 6 to centos 8 for that matter.

Thanks Tom.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to boot the Rocky installer off of a USB key to do a clean install, but the installation fails early with the kernel panic shown above.

By “upgrade” I meant “have a newer operating system by any means necessary”. I’m not looking for an in place upgrade.


Sorry for the misunderstanding.

What’s the specification of the the machine?

Thanks Tom.

It’s a Penguin Computing IceBreaker 2812 with BIOS version 3.0a
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2603
Chipset: Intel C600/X79 series
PCI bridge: Intel 82801
Network: Intel I350 Gigabit
Storage: Inel C602 STA control unit and LSI Mega RAID SAS 2208
Video: Matrix MGA G200eW WPCM450.


Not an expert, but the specs look ok to me.

How are you burning the usb?

Is the bios firmware up to date?

Thanks Tom.

Turns out the BIOS was the problem. I did a firmware update and now the installer works. Thanks for looking into it.

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