Kernel 5.4 on Rocky 8.5 on HP ML350G6

This might seem a bit of an off the wall question. Would running the 5.4 Kernel stress the system such that it could cause a motherboard failure?

More details — I’m running (or was running) various KVM VM’s as well as MythTV server on the host machine with a couple of DVB PCIe capture cards. I have found that there is an anomaly in the stock DVB driver in the stock kernel causing the card to stop responding in some situations. I loaded 5.4 Kernel from ELRepo and as it does not have the DVB media driver stack I built the current version from source. The anomaly is supposed to be fixed in the current version.

All was working fine for a few hours and this, I hope, is complete co-incidence, the machine crashed and it now appears that the BIOS is corrupt. It will show some of the Post messages but the options to enter BIOS Setup (RBSU in HP speak) don’t work and it won’t boot anything. Neither the Raid array, a USB stick or from PXE on the network. I’ve tried swapping memory and stripping the machine down to the bare minimum to start up and resetting it to factory default. No luck. I have a replacement motherboard on order.

But one doubt I have is that this happened just 3 hours after I started running the 5.4 kernel. It seems a bit far fetched but is that part of the picture here or just pure coincidence? I realise I could simply replace the DVB driver stack in the stock kernel by compiling it up from source. That is an option too.

Any pearls of wisdom???



Some motherboards have the concept of BIOS recovery where you boot the system with the original BIOS on a DVD or USB and it will flash back to that version.

Thank you Gerry, I would have hoped that would be a recovery route. However this system won’t boot a DVD/USB or indeed anything and it won’t go into the BIOS settings to allow another option to be selected… :frowning:

Have you checked the CMOS battery and is there a jumper to “reset cmos”?

There is a DIP switch to reset the CMOS - besides wiping settings it didn’t help. I haven’t checked the CMOS battery but it was keeping the time OK. I’ll give that a try.

:slight_smile: Ken