K3B can't handle audio playlists with MP3 files


I’m running Rocky Linux 8 with EPEL’s KDE. I still burn audio mix CDs because my battered 1992 VW Polo still has a CD player in it. With OpenSUSE this process worked fine.

Now I’m having trouble doing the same thing with K3B. What I usually do is generate an audio playlist using Audacious. Then I fire up K3B and do a simple drag-and-drop of my playlist. Thus the audio files get imported. And then I click on Burn with audio normalization, and my audio CD gets burnt.

Except here the process is stuck. Audio files seem to get converted and normalized OK, but then K3B gets stuck at “0% - Preparing burn process” (I’m somehow retranslating this from french).

The end result is that I have to click on “Cancel”, and then I can’t even close K3B correctly after this, I have to run killall -9 k3b.

Now I vaguely remember under CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 there was some sort of k3b-freeworld package that I had to install to manage audio playlists with MP3 files. There seems to be nothing of the sort here for RHEL8/Rocky 8.

Any idea what’s wrong here ?

PS: filed a bug report here → 2150636 – K3B can't handle MP3 audio files

The supported way in Rocky is to use

brasero.x86_64 : Gnome CD/DVD burning application

In nautilus, there are shortcuts for “disk image mounting” and “disk image writing”

I just found out K3B works fine in fact. I was just misled by an erratic progress bar.

On a side note, I hate GNOME with a passion (and I’m a guy who built GNOME from source on Slackware back in the days).

Hi @microlinux - that smells exactly like what I found with kdenlive:
For some reason that “progress bar not advancing” symptom also made me think kdenlive didn’t work anymore. Then, I found out that the actual process indeed works, yet only the progress bar didn’t.

The underlying problem was that I was using a flatpak version of kdenlive and due to some missing/wrong file or dependency inside that bundle, the parent UI process couldn’t fetch the process info from the underlying rendering process, thus unable to determine the completion percentage in order to draw a progress bar.
Probably there’s a systematic limitation, like, specific to running flatpak’ed versions of KDE programs on a Gnome desktop? :slight_smile: Did you use k3b from flatpak or from an rpm-repo?

Cheers, Thomas

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I’m using the RPM package from EPEL.

Ahh, bad. Blaming it on Flatpak would have been too easy then. :wink: