Installing Pritunl VPN Client on Rocky Linux 9

Hello Community.

Am on a fresh Rocky Linux 9 installation. I use Pritunl VPN Client to help me SSH into my servers via Proxmox Virtual Environment.

I have tried to install Pritunl Client by following their guide on official documentation . I am unable to import the key.tmp with this error

error: key.tmp: key 1 import failed.

The mongodb, Pritunl, CRB and epel repos are enabled correctly under dnf repolist.

Under Rocky Linux 8.6 , i have not problem with key import. Could it a Rocky Linux 9 issue ?

Kindly advice.

Could be similar to this like with zoom: Cannot import Zoom's gpg key

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This works . Am so grateful sir.

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This is how i did it.

  1. sudo dnf update.
  2. sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/pritunl.repo << EOF
    name=Pritunl Stable Repository
    baseurl=Index of /stable/yum/fedora/36/
  3. gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 7568D9BB55FF9E5287D586017AE645C0CF8E292A
  4. sudo update-crypto-policies --set LEGACY
  5. sudo dnf -y install
  6. sudo dnf -y install
  7. gpg --armor --export 7568D9BB55FF9E5287D586017AE645C0CF8E292A > key.tmp; sudo rpm --import key.tmp; rm -f key.tmp
  8. sudo dnf install pritunl-client-electron

Thank you sir for shedding some light. Am now all systems go.