Installing Newer Version of a Single App

I expect this question has been asked hundreds of times on lots of different distros, but I can’t seem to find it in my usual haunts.

I find that the standard 9 distro – my understanding is that this means RHEL, Rocky, and others – includes Dovecot 2.3.16. Running dnf update dovecot confirms this to be the newest version, although Dovecot itself is up to 2.3.20 (which Dovecot calls a stable version).

There’s a serious (for us) bug in Dovecot 2.3.11 - .16 which is only fixed in .17. How can I install a newer “experimental (for RHEL / Rocky)” version of a package using DNF? Or do I have to engineer this manually by finding the right executable and downloading it?

PS: I realize that there’s a theoretical possibility that Dovecot 2.3.20 contains changes which may create problems with other parts of my installation. I’ve read through all the change logs for .17 thru .20 and I’m willing to take that chance (with plenty of backups, of course). My question is about how to do this vis-a-vis Rocky, repositories, and dnf.

Hi @evenmoreconfused,

So to start from the beginning, Rocky Linux and nearly all other “clones”/deratives of RHEL are doing the thing called backporting: What is backporting and how does it affect Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? - Red Hat Customer Portal
This means, there will be patches to the older versions which fix the bugs in the older versions but don’t change any (or very few) features, or create nearly no breaking changes (especially not in a minor release)

Are you maybe talking of one of these 2 bugs?
Because these are the erratas I can find for dovecot.

Anyways if you still want to take the risk of breaking changes, our friends from Ghettoforge are building later versions of dovecot!