Infrastructure documentation

Documentation of the infrastructure should be done, obviously.

I would like to open discuss on what kind of documentation is required and how to make that documentation. This is an area I enjoy and have much experience so would definitely volunteer for whatever.

There is already discussion on naming conventions, IP address plans, and so on. In short-term the GitHub project should be the authoritative source in order to keep things moving? Would the documentation be the Issues - or added into Wiki or repository itself?

One of the first obvious questions is where should the documentation be at?

  • Wiki? Would be OK for simple documentation such as lists and so on, no barrier of entry. “Real” physical infrastructure documentation would be more difficult, but would we need that? Currently nobody (except the hosting provider/donator, who probably have their own documentation already) knows how the physical infrastructure looks like but would it be like that long-term?
  • GitHub .md files? Similar to the wiki above.
  • A specific system for infrastructure documentation such as: NetBox, RackTables, NetDot? My personal preference would be NetBox.
  • Specific system(s) for specific areas of documentation, such as Phpipam or NIPAP for IPAM?

It took quite a while to read the overnight Slack but I see decisions have already been made:

Great choices in my opinion!


Thanks for putting this together!

More has changed over the past day, and we have a wiki setup at !

Please stay tuned Soon™ for info.

That looks pretty nice :slight_smile: