In which repo is geoipupdate in Rocky 9?

In Rocky 8, geoipupdate was in repo AppStream. It isn’t present in this repo in Rocky 9. Where to find it?


As you found, it doesn’t exist for any EL9 version - be it RHEL or Rocky. You could make a request for EPEL to add it to their repository, or perhaps download the geoipupdate src rpm from Fedora (eg: Fedora 36 src rpm for geoipupdate), and build it on Rocky 9 using mock.

GeoIP Country Edition: US, United States

Additional info:

“On January 2, 2019, we discontinued our GeoLite Legacy databases.”

After contacting support they informed me that

"GeoLite Legacy/GeoIP Legacy integrations are not compatible with GeoLite2/GeoIP2 formats, so for querying the GeoLite2 .mmdb format, you would want to use our GeoIP2 C API’s mmdblookup command instead of geoiplookup. The GeoIP2 C API developer documentation is available here: