Icinga2 client on rocky linux 9

Hello everyone.

We use Icinga2 to monitor our infrastructure. Under rocky linux 8 it is possible to download icinga2 over Index of /centos which refers to the centos packages.

But for rocky linux 9 there are no packages.
It seems that in the future you will need a subscription to use icinga2 client on rocky 9.

How do you do that with rocky linux 9 and icinga monitoring?

Thanks in advanced
Greets Webster


According to this: Yum repository and RPM packages for CentOS Stream 9 / AlmaLinux 9 / Rocky Linux 9? · Issue #9390 · Icinga/icinga2 · GitHub it’s not just Rocky 9 but all EL9 distros.

The link provided does give info on how to build icinga2 on EL9 using mock, so you can do this.