I686 compatible version available?

Dear support, is there a i686 compatible version available and where can I download it?

thanks a lot


No, there are only x86_64. They do have the ability to install 32 bit packages though if this is what you are wanting to achieve. RHEL haven’t made 32 bit installation versions since RHEL6. From RHEL7 onwards, it’s all x86_64 now.

If you are wanting to install on an old system that is only 32 bit processor, etc, then you will be out of luck.

Thanks a lot for your Help!

Yes, I have an old system (Intel Atom Acer Aspire One ZG8)

CentOS Alternative Architectures SIG seems to have built CentOS 7 for IA-32.

We receive requests every now and then for an i686 variant. I think this would be an interesting discussion in SIG/AltArch in our mattermost. Since we plan on providing all the i686 content as a “no package left behind” scenario, there could be potential for i686 variants - though it would have to be completely unofficial. (And one of the reasons why we’ll be providing i686 variants is to allow users to build multi-arch packages properly and not rely on strictly multillib - it won’t have a kernel or any of that, but it’ll be a good chunk of the way there where SIG/AltArch could fill in the rest of the gaps).