I seem to have some issues with my network when using the ping command

Now I have two computers and each computer is configured with two business network ports, but now each computer has only one business network port that can ping the two business network ports of the other computer. Why is this? In my environment, Rocky9.1

Who could?

You have to explain more about your network topology and config.

ok,my two computers are both on the same switch, and the normal ping command can succeed, but this phenomenon only occurs when I use the ping - I command to specify a specific network port.

In addition, I’m not sure whether this failure is related to the metric value in the Routing table information, because on my Centos system, the metric value corresponding to each network port is equal, but they are not equal in Rocky9.1

You have a computer connected to a switch. The computer does have two network ports.

You did not say it, but you probably have connected both ports to the switch, so two physical cables between one computer and switch.

Two physical connections could be bonded to act as one logical connection. You did not say that you have one. You probably don’t.

Two logical connections could be in separate VLANs. You did not say that have such setup. You probably don’t.

That leaves two logical connections to same subnet. That is almost always trouble with no clear benefit and requires at least policy routing. Is that what you do have?

thank you,maybe I had found the problem