I don't know how to change bash-4.4$ in terminal

I am new to Linux.

I deleted some files, and bash-4.4$ is displayed by default in the terminal as follows.

Can I reset and initialize OS settings?

Thank you for reading my question.

You may have deleted files .bashrc and .bash_profile from your home directory (although neither sets the prompt directly).

Look at output of ls -laR /etc/skel
Those files/subdirectories are copied to homedir of account, when account is created. You can copy them, if you miss them.

If you have deleted files from elsewhere, files that were installed, then it is possible to list files that are not quite as they came packages:

sudo rpm -Va

Some of that may be red herrings. If it says, for example missing /etc/profile
then you can ask what package it came from:

dnf provides /etc/profile

which tells the name of package(s). For that file “setup” and
probably Repo : @System. The “System” might be something else, but the @ tells that the package is already installed.

It is possible to reinstall a package:

sudo dnf reinstall setup

Which should restore removed files of that package.

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