PATH from .bash_profile not implemented at all for Rocky 8.9

I’m trying to get Silvaco software for ‘deckbuild’ and ‘tonyplot’ to run from the user’s home directory from terminal. I’m trying to understand why the path to /opt/sedatools/bin is not taking affect? I had no problems with this .bash_profile script on CentOS 7.

[dmXXXX@ec133-90239 ~]$ cat .bash_profile


Get the aliases and functions

if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
. ~/.bashrc

User specific environment and startup programs



export PATH
[dmXXXX@ec133-90239@ec133-90239 ~]$ echo $PATH
[dmXXXX@ec133-90239@ec133-90239 ~]$ printenv PATH
[dmXXXX@ec133-90239@ec133-90239 ~]$

Is the shell you’re using a login shell? What does ps xf say? I virtually always have to re-read the INVOCATION section of the bash(1) man-page when debugging these kind of issues.

You are missing double quotes.

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I reinstalled RL8.9 again and will start from the beginning. I did put an echo command with some text before and after the ~bashrc stuff and it prints.

I’m having some license server issues which I can not control, so I will install Silvaco TCAD fromt he beginning and work from there.

I did get the Silvaco software to work in Red Hat 8.9.

I’ll follow up on this later. Thank you for the help though I see that this a common problem on other versions of Linux at times.

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Okay, I’ll try that one to sometime, though I do have it working in Red Hat 8.9 without the quotes.

I’m still picking up on some LInux things.

I think quotes should only be required if there were pre-existing white-space in PATH or HOME, and that you’d be getting a “command not found” error, were that the case. But that’s a reason that it’s good practice to write it with quotes either way.

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So re-installed the RL 8 from scratch, re-installed the software, and for whatever mysterious reason, the PATH to /opt/sedatools/bin is working and I’m able to use the software with a regular account.

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