How to prevent grub2-* from updating

I do multi-boot on my laptop using UEFI and rEFInd without any help from GRUB2, however when I update system packages (using GNOME Software) and grub2-* packages gets updated it messes my EFI configuration.

Is there any way to prevent grub2-* packages from updating? I tried to use dnf versionlock but it seems that GNOME Software ain’t respects such configuration, since it’s using packagekit under the hood.

PackageKit does not respect dnf versionlock

have you tried using the exclude dnf option in dnf.conf?

Do you mean excludepkgs?

According to man 5 dnf.conf:


              Exclude  packages  of  this repository, specified by a name or a
              glob and separated by a comma, from all operations.  Can be dis‐
              abled  using --disableexcludes command line switch.  Defaults to

according to man in my system that is deprecated

          Deprecated option. It was replaced by the --exclude option.

or similar

In mine, too. But I was referring to man 5 dnf.conf (config file), but I suppose you’re talking about man dnf (the tool itself).

I have no problems excluding grub2 from updating (either with dnf versionlock or with dnf --exclude), my problem is that grub2 gets updated when updating packages with GNOME Software.