How To Make Community Bigger?

How to make this Rocky Linux community bigger? I’m lucky that I know Rocky Linux from Google. Because I’m really upset with Centos new policy. But many people out there not knowing what happen with Centos. Any Idea how to make Rocky Linux Popular?

The way to be popular is to develop a quality product. RHEL, CentOS has been popular primarily because it has a reputation for functionality and stability.

There’s a Jewish restaurant in Indianapolis called Shapiro’s Delicatessen with a hundred-year heritage. They post their motto on their sign, “Cook good. Serve plenty. People will come.”

That’s a good recipe for success and popularity, no matter what the product. Commit to doing a good job in development and support and Rocky will be the distribution of choice for many administrators and users. We’ve already “hit the ground running.” :meat_on_bone:


Quality thoughts, Dax. I am hopeful and optimistic that the founding mission will come to fruition. I need it both personally, and professionally.

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In addition to functionality and stability I think a few more spices are needed in this kitchen.
First of all, I mean reliable documentation such as, how-to and good and tested examples.

My team and I use CentOS as the basic OS for database development, commonly PostgreSQL (including HA, CitusData …), MySQL, and more recently MS-SQL solutions.

I suggest creating HOW-TO pages that will clearly and accurately show the installation and configuration of different databases with possible results of speed testing, CPU and RAM usage….
Also installation and configuration of various Python, PHP, R, Rubi, .NET Core, apache, nginx …

That’d be fine to have tested examples that would work for those who need an assist. Well-meaning folks have tried to walk me through some sticky operations but it seldom went smoothly. There were either hardware chipset differences, variables or parameter settings that caused the procedure to fail.
Often the operations couldn’t be repeated on another device or on a differently configured system so the examples offered little value to the folks who were in need of help.
On the other hand, if documented examples could be tried, tested and proven in various typical environments, then they could be invaluable assets to those who would be initially trying Rocky Linux.
It’d be good to ask several volunteers to follow the documented examples on their own systems and report back with any problems that they might have encountered so we could do refinements if necessary.
If it turned out that everyone needed a unique instruction to install and configure their equipment, then effective documentation would be difficult. But - if we could come up with general procedures that worked for most people, then it would be a worthy addition.

Thanks for your thoughts on documentation. The folks working on documentation on Mattermost share a lot of these thoughts and I think it would be great if you could join in on their efforts!