How to blacklist nouveau after installing real nvidia drivers?

I’ve recently installed Rocky 9.1 on a system with an Nvidia 750ti card. I then installed the Nvidia drivers from rpmfusion, so now I ASSUME I need to blacklist nouveau. (haven’t rebooted yet, in case something blows up due to conflicting video drivers.)

back, on my old system, when I installed nvidia drivers from elrepo, then did the blacklisting for me, but AFAIK the rpmfusion ones don’t. Or at least I find no mention of it anywhere.

Guidance sought, Thanks in advance!


sorry, typo:

“then did the” ==> “they did the”

The nvidia drivers from rpmfusion should automatically blacklist it. You can verify /etc/default/grub and/or /boot/grub2/grubenv.

Thanks for the confirmation!

A little while after posting that I did look at the grub files, and saw the necessary information there, so I rebooted and voila! it seems to be working fine now.

Thanks again for the reply.


Where does this myth that rpmfusion requires any additional manual steps comes from ?

RPM Fusion project maintainer here. There is no need for any additional blacklist when using RPM Fusion nvidia packaged driver !

We use blacklist with kernel cmdline options, so that that very much the only technique that doesn’t require you to rebuild the initramfs or any other unsafe operation.

Also RPM Fusion packaged driver allows to fallback to nouveau in the case anything goes wrong with your installation. But if using Rocky kernel, there is nothing to fear…

Hope this helps.

There are many old “HowTos” out there. Newbies tend to pick the oldest one for a distro that is not even theirs.
Perhaps also from here or here

and I am a newbie only in the senses that (1) I am new to Rocky, but have used Centos for literally decades, and (2) I have always used the elrepo nvidia drivers in the past, not the ones from rpmfusion. So I simply DID NOT KNOW (and could not find documentation regarding) that rpmfusion’s Nvidia packages did the deed for me. (it makes sense that it would, but in lieu of knowledge it seemed appropriate to inquire.)