Hi I can help with Costa Rica, Central America Localization

If you need another Spanish, Central America translator and Costa Rica localization you can count with me too

Hello @randallrw!

I don’t want you to feel as if no one is paying attention or hearing your offers of translations. Right now there is work underway on translating the Rocky Linux website, and you can take part in that website translation on Github.

If you work on website translation, please contribute via a Pull Request so another speaker can verify the translation. I also encourage you to join in the #rocky-www channel on Slack. You can learn more about how to contribute in other ways on the wiki Contributing page .

Hello @jeffrey-a

I don’t work on website translation but I did developed software for several years and now I manage IT infrastructure for several clients, so I can be both, an alpha and beta tester for Rocky and also I am completely bilingual, my first language is Spanish so any translation will be OK and it is perfect that another person checks my work.

I have several HP Proliant Gen8 and Gen9 servers, specially DL360 so really, I have hardware to do alpha and beta tests.

Glad to hear from you.