Find firewall ports used by Canon scangearmp2 utility


Our local school just purchased a Canon GX7050 printer/scanner.

All clients are running a custom blend of Rocky Linux 8 with KDE from EPEL.

The printer works perfectly so far.

The scanner refuses to work with Simple Scan. Apparently it needs its own scangearmp2 utility which can be downloaded on Canon’s website.

When launching scangearmp2 from the command line (apparently there’s no corresponding .desktop file included) the utility can’t seem to find the scanner on the network.

I tested it again by completely disabling FirewallD, and now the scanner is found. So for the moment I added the printer/scanner’s IP address to FirewallD’s trusted zone.

Canon has absolutely no documentation for either its drivers or utilities under Linux. Here’s my question: how do I know which TCP and/or UDP ports I have to open for the scangearmp2 utility to work correctly?



Easiest would be fire up wireshark when running the program - in the wireshark output you should see what ports it has used to connect to the printer/scanner with.

Another alternative is to run in a console:

watch -n1 'ss -taun' | grep x.x.x.x

where x.x.x.x is the IP of the printer, and see what ports your machine connects to when running that program.

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