During Installation: "The Following Error Ocurred..."

I’ve had a number of installation problems in my life, but this is NEW: While I was trying to install Rocky Linux 8.4 Stable – and even CentOS 8.4 which I tried to install as a work around – I got the following message:

“The following error occurred while installing: This is a fatal error and installation will be aborted: DNF error while unpacking rpm package [ name of package]”

The name of the rpm package varies depending on the installation and selected packages. It does not matter if I choose Custom Classic Partitioning, Custom LVM, or Automatic Installation, at some point the whole shebang come to a screeching halt and the “The following error occurred… This is a fatal error…” followed by “DNF error while unpacking rpm package…” Any ideas, and specifically how I go about solving it? The next experiment is to dig out an old SDD which I have been vowing to do for some time, install it in the workstation and see if I can install it on that, just in case the problem is my NVMe 4.0 drive is too fast and can’t keep up with the installer – seriously doubt that is the problem but [SHRUG]. Ant ideas would be WELCOME!!


There have been some posts about it on the forum already, this was a problem with the mirrors and some of them not being in sync. During install each time you do it, you get a different mirror, and so this is why the package name changes. A post here did suggest using a particular mirror to get around it, or download and install using the DVD1 image instead.

Hunnnnn. I think I was the DVD1.iso (I did not burn the medium so not sure). I know I was using the DVD.iso for CentOS 8.4.

Still hacking,