Does RockyLinux 9 give up python2 support?

I could not get python2 from dnf install. Does RockyLinux 9 give up python2 support?

Hi @alas-go,

Yes Rocky Linux 9 (and RHEL 9) don’t have python2, if you need that you will have to use Rocky Linux 8.

Python2 did die 2020-01-01. “Everybody” should have moved to python3 before that.

Red Hat supports python2 in RHEL 7 until June 2024, because python2 is core component of RHEL 7.
Red Hat supports python2 as a stream in RHEL 8 until June 2024. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal
That stream was included in 2019, before sun did set on upstream python2 and probably depends on the RHEL 7 maintenance commitment.

Inclusion of deprecated and dead python2 in RHEL 9 for mere two years would not have been sensible.

Rocky N has/hasn’t what RHEL N has/hasn’t.


That is a bad news. Most of the scripts i am using for computing is written by python2

True, but the death of python2 should not be news anymore; it has been known for a good while now. Supposedly was known.

One might be able to still install (strictly as regular user) a copy of python2 with Spack: About Spack - Spack (or with conda).

If those scripts are at v2.7.n, then the migration to v3.n isn’t hard.

If the scripts in question are your own then whoever created them should be able to update them without too much trouble. If those scripts are from elsewhere, then it’s worth checking their origin to see if more modern versions are available.

I know it’s tedious, but the upgrade process isn’t hard enough to be a show-stopper.

I strongly suspect that getting Python 2.x running on RL 9 is MUCH more likely to create problems than updating the scripts themselves.