RockyLinux 9 update to latest python

When will the latest version of python 3.12 be supported in Rocky Linux 9?
My current installation has python 3.9
I’d love to upgrade, would it break stuff if i did?

Thank you for your help !


Python 3.12 will be available next month when 9.4 is released. It will not upgrade python 3.9. Python 3.9 will remain the default system python.

hi @nazunalika thank you for your input.
So next month, when I update Rocky Linux to the 9.4 release, it will come already with python 3.12.
Is this correct?

It will not come with python 3.12 by default. You will need to install it yourself. python 3.9 will remain the default python, regardless if you install python 3.12 or not.

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ok, then my question now is:
do i have to wait for RL9.4 or can i install python 3.12 now with my current RL9.3 ? :slight_smile:

As I’ve explained, python 3.12 will be available next month when 9.4 is released


One has to realize that there are system and user. There are system applications, for example the package manager, that are Python programs. The system has a “platform Python” for them and that has version “3.9” all the way to 2032. Those (RPM) packages will not go away.

Then there is user. User can have their own applications. They are preferably installed as RPM packages. These packages are not needed for the system to run; they are used by the user.
The python3.12 will be such package. Red Hat will release it with the RHEL 9.4, and Rocky after that.

Is it possible to find (or rebuild) similar RPM package already now? Perhaps, but that is all on you.

Everything is not available as RPM package. You can even write programs yourself. If you want your account to have a program, then of course it can – but do not do sudo make install. Rather set the prefix to something safer that you can write to, like ~/.local
That way you won’t have the risk to mess the entire system.

Can you have Python 3.12 now? Yes
Can you install Python 3.12 (to system) now? No, you should not


Maybe you could use GitHub - pyenv/pyenv: Simple Python version management and a venv.

IMHO, that does a different thing. That selects which of the multiple Python versions is used. One has to have those Pythons before one can choose at all.

see GitHub - pyenv/pyenv: Simple Python version management

My bad, didn’t read all at once.